Secret Government Time Travelling Experiments

The Story Behind the Story Behind the Theory

A few years ago, I managed to find a web site created by a distant relative.  This relative doesn't know me and doesn't know we are distantly related.  The web site contained genealogical records of our shared family going back to 1793.  Among the records were names, birth dates, birth places, children's names, marriage dates, and photographs. One photograph was of my maternal Great Great Grandparents.  This photograph particularly intrigued me as the man in the photo looked remarkably like me.  I've always been told I take after my mother (and it's true), but we've never been able to explain exactly where I got the majority of my genes from, as I'm quite different looking from the rest of my family.  This photograph seemed to provide an answer, and so I was satisfied and eventually lost interest in the photograph.

The Story Behind the Theory

Within the past year my contract with the University ended and I was without work.  My girlfriend and I took a little vacation and went camping in the local national park for about 5 days. Since I neglected to shave for about 3 days before we went camping, and still hadn't shaved by the third day after we returned, my face was a little scruffy.  It was my first beard, and I didn't know how to trim it (style-wise).  Now, I can grow a beard, but my whiskers are relatively sparse, so if I let it grow it looks a little pathetic. At some point I looked in a mirror and thought, "Wow, I look even more like my relative in that old photo."

Recently, I bought my girlfriend a digital camera for her birthday.  While I was testing the new camera out, I thought that a good joke would be to take a photo of my girlfriend and then superimpose her head on the woman in the old photograph of my relatives.  While I was editing the photo, I thought about how much this guy looked like me.  To test out my theory, I took a series of photos of myself, trying to mimic his expression.  I finally managed to get one that almost matched his expression and the angle of the photo.  I took a photo of my glasses and superimposed them over my relative's photo.  At this point I realized that I was through the looking glass.  The person in that old photograph was not a relative... it was me.

The Proof

Below are a couple of comparisons...

I had quite a bit of trouble taking a picture of myself with the correct expression and angle of the head.  It was easier to superimpose my glasses over the older photo than get a photo of me without my glasses on and get as close to the right expression/angle.  Here are the photo of my relative with my glasses and the photo of me.  Pretty scary.

Haldor with my glasses

Me in B&W

Unfortunately I had recently cut my hair quite short, and had trimmed my beard quite a bit.  However, by superimposing my relative's hair and facial hair on my photo, those problems can be overlooked.  Observe...

Haldor again

Me with Haldor's hair

Haldor again

Me with Haldor's hair and beard

All the Evidence Points to a Government Conspiracy

Since it is obvious the person in the old photo is me (albeit with a prosthetic nose bridge), this proves that I have travelled back in time to approximately 1899, in the area of Hosanger, Norway.  Since the "wife" in the original photograph is obviously a man in woman's clothing, he was obviously under cover, and so, it would seem, was I.  Since I have no recollection of travelling in time or of Norway, this proves that my memory has been altered/erased.  The last and most obvious assumption is that this is the work of the government, for who else but the Canadian government could be so cunning?  The only question is... Why?

Other theories

Since originally publishing this web site, I've received another theory which eluded me... it is quite possible that the reason I don't know about my time travelling experience(s) is that it hasn't taken place yet (at least the entry point into the time travelling). Perhaps at some time in the future I will travel back in time. Maybe it is through the government, maybe through a research project, maybe by my own means, maybe against my will. This opens up very interesting thought on the effects of time travel. If I know that in the future I will travel back in time, then it is possible that I will decide not to travel back in time, which means it never happened. If that is so, then the photo of me in the past should not exist. This proves that either I will still chose to travel back in time or I will time travel against my will. One must also wonder if the existence of the photo isn't to either influence the future (present), leading me to time travel, or perhaps a warning of what will come (which obviously will not stop me since the photo still exists). Why would I have a photo of myself taken in the past, knowing that I will see this photo in the future (present). It has to be for a reason. It also does not make sense for me to actually be my own great great grandfather, as I would never have been able to father myself if I didn't exist in the future (present) first.

A third theory also exists... it is possible that the man in the photo is not me in this universe (reality) but has travelled from a different universe (reality). This could explain the slight difference in appearance (the bridge of the nose) and the lack of glasses. This man could then actually be my great great grandfather. The interesting question is: will the me in this reality also travel to another reality?